Monday, January 18, 2010

When Saturday Night Plans Go South - The Hurt Locker, OSCAR NOD and CRITIC PICK

Saturday night I got a babysitter and we planned a double feature with movie loving friends! Wahoo! I was so excited…I haven’t seen a double feature for years. So of course at about 4pm Z-man started to vomit. And the vomiting continued until I finally gave in and called the babysitter to cancel a half hour before she was supposed to arrive. Huge bummer!
Well, hubby and I settled for The Hurt Locker on PPV instead. What can I say, it already won the critics choice award for best film and will receive an Oscar nomination as well. So, OSCAR NOD and CRITIC PICK—if you missed it in theaters, rent it and see what the fuss is about. It is well done on every front. That doesn’t mean that it is easy to watch…
I felt that Hurt Locker gave me an accurate picture of the war in Iraq…where is the enemy? who is the enemy? how can you trust anyone when Iraqis put bombs in the bodies of children? And I loved the new hook on war—the adrenaline rush living on the edge of danger can give you.
Also, thank you Kathryn Bigelow (director) for telling a story about soldiers and war without a political agenda. Or, if you have one, I didn’t notice it. There is no bigger turn off to me than a war movie that tries to beat me over the head with someone’s personal anti-war feelings like In The Valley Of Elah did.
It was also fun to have big name stars (Ralph Fiennes, Guy Pearce, David Morse) in the small roles and lesser-known faces as the leading characters. Of course, as soon as it was over, I had to check their resumes on (Internet Movie Data Base) to find out where I had seen them.
If you want to read about the great camera work, here’s the NY Times review. Although for me, the handheld camera scene outside the embassy made me seasick.

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